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 Video and Song List

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Video and Song List Empty
PostSubject: Video and Song List   Video and Song List Icon_minitimeSun Nov 21, 2010 1:20 pm

Hi Da and William,

We need to pull Gilbert's Video off the Website and the and youtube. I forgot there was a piece that shows the students from previous years and we do not have permission to broadcast their pictures. We only have permission to broadcast the pictures of our current students. If there is anyway we can cut the previous cast pictures out and leave only the footage of our current students then we can keep it. But for now, let's pull it off and I will see if Gilbert can modify it.

The other thing I need you guys to do is pull Somebody to love out of our song list. I will explain in class tomorrow.


Ms. O

Oh, and make sure that the video is not on the facebook group.
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Video and Song List
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