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 Website Requests

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PostSubject: Website Requests   Website Requests Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 9:35 pm

Hi Guys,

Can you add the logo to the website and take off the picture you put up of As You Like It? Did you get some of the pictures from Thackshan? We have the media releases now, so you can add pictures of the cast. Can you also add a link to Sam's blog?

We also need to make the website more colourful. Are you making a header? You could always use the one Tesia created and just add colour. Let me know if you need a copy and I will put it up.


Ms. O
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PostSubject: Re: Website Requests   Website Requests Icon_minitimeTue Nov 02, 2010 1:37 am

I'm getting towards finishing the header for the website, it should be up very soon. As for the main website, Da has tried to change some colors and fiddled around with it however some images and texts that are recurring on the web is facing some difficulties that are preventing it from looking attractive and appealing. We're currently working on the banner and the re-design on the website, and it should be up in a couple days. We'll also fix the pictures and add some new ones as well as add Sam's link.

Eye Tea. Website Requests Py24
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Website Requests
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