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 Jellybean count lunch help!

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Jellybean count lunch help! Empty
PostSubject: Jellybean count lunch help!   Jellybean count lunch help! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 8:55 pm

Hey! i'm just wondering if anyone would like to help out selling tickets for the jellybean count during the next 2 weeks.

Oct 25: Johnson Phan and Andrew Phong ( $3 )

Oct 26: Johnson, Andrew and Basel ($18.25) ( $1.25 donations)

Oct 27: $9 Johnson (9) ($1.25 donations)

Oct 28: Jeffrey Liu, Tesia and Thackshan ($25)

Oct 29: Johnson Jeffrey Liu, Thackshan 9$

Nov 1: Johnson ($3)

Nov 2: Johnson Thackshan Basel ($10.10) (5.10 Donations)

Nov 3: Tracy Winkye ($0)

Nov 4: Johnson Ali

Nov 5: Thackshan and Da

Please sign up for a date! Your help will really be appreciated. Smile
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Jellybean count lunch help!
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