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 Summary of the play

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PostSubject: Summary of the play   Summary of the play Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 4:43 pm

SCHOOLS OUT! And the play begins as summer teen leadership camp ends. A cheesy version of Don’t Stop Believing is sung to celebrate the end of camp. As Orlando gives out camp t-shirts, he spots Rosalind and INSTANTLY falls in love, however, before he has a chance to talk to her, she is dragged away by her friends. Orlando then proceeds to face Charles, who is Duke Fredrick’s (Celia’s dad and Rosalind’s Uncle) prodigy in a fencing match for some extra cash. Orlando wins but Duke Fredrick refuses to pay him and accuses him of cheating. However, Rosalind falls in love with Orlando and gives him a symbolic bracelet.

Later on, Rosalind and Celia talk about going to Paris and Rosalind’s new found love for Orlando. Duke Fredrick comes in and Rosalind decides to ask him for some money to travel with. Duke Frederick has a feud with his brother, Duke Senior (because Duke Frederick was accused of usurping all of their fathers money). Duke Fredrick becomes furious and kicks Rosalind out of his house. Rosalind now has nowhere to stay and she decides to use the money that she had saved up to find an apartment in Kensington. Along with Celia, and Touchstone (their good friend), they take on new identities and embark on an adventure. Rosalind changes her name to Ros, and Celia changes her name to C to complete the transformation.

In Kensington, Ros, C and Touchstone are greeted by Silvius and Corin as well as a practical joke. In the meantime, Duke Fredrick asks Oliver, Orlando’s brother, to find Orlando and his Celia for him.
The gang moves over to Starbucks, and Ros is offered a job, due to an irresponsible employee's resignation.
It turns out Orlando also works at that Starbucks and he meets Ros for the first time. However, due to Ros's drastic transformation, Orlando cannot recognize that she is actually Rosalind. A montage plays of Orlando becoming good friends with Ros and Act 1 ends with Ros becoming Orlando’s “fake girlfriend” to help Orlando get “Rosalind”.

As a new day dawns in Kensington market, clear distinctions are made between the relationships between Audrey and Touchstone, and Silvius and Pheobe. Touchstone and Audrey have the typical "lovey dovey" atmosphere, while Silvius continues to blindly follow Pheobe, who treats him horribly. Through a freak coffee accident, Pheobe is introduced to Orlando, and instantly falls in love. Pheobe asks Silvius to help her get Orlando, but Silvius makes the decision to refuse.

Meanwhile, Oliver, (Orlando's brother) comes searching for Orlando at Starbucks and he overhears Celia talking
about her new art show. He immediately offers to give her a hand in handing out flyers, and they instantly fall
in love. As they are leaving, Orlando saves Oliver's life from an oncoming car, and they rekindle their brotherly bonds.

Ros finally decides to express her feelings for Orlando, but gets shut down, because they're friendship means too much. She makes the decision to be the Rosalind that he wants. Yet at the same moment, Orlando discovers that
he is in love with Ros, and makes the decision to let go of Rosalind.

At Celia's art show, Duke Frederick and Duke Senior put aside their differences for their children. Amends are made between Duke Frederick and Celia, and Orlando and Rosalind's love is confessed. The play ends with a better version of Don't stop believin.
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PostSubject: Re: Summary of the play   Summary of the play Icon_minitimeThu Oct 28, 2010 2:05 pm

thanks, we'll put this on the blog.

Eye Tea. Summary of the play Py24
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Summary of the play
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