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PostSubject: THANK YOU EVERYBODY!   THANK YOU EVERYBODY! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 15, 2010 10:25 pm

Hey ppl! Thank you so much for supporting our beavertails sales for the last two days, I really appreciate everyone who come and help me and everyone who actually buy them to support the play. Your efforts worth so much to me !Razz

Special thanks to Ms. O'meara, who gives us the biggest support for the sales. Eman and Sally, thank u soooo much for helping me set up everything and make this amazing achievement. Ellia, you did a terrific job on our financing! Tesia, i see how hard u put the suger on the beavertials, thx sooooo much for helping me! Also special thanks to Aly, Winki, Jeff, Thackshan, William, Emily and Andrew, you guys r ammmmmmazing! I was so touched to see how jeff, thackshan, Emily and Andrew tried so hard to get more ppl to buy our beavertails. Thanks for the marketing group to help us create the wonderful posters and annoucements, especially thxs to Jeff and Gilbert, u guys have done a great job on promoting this sales. Thanks to everyone I may forget to mention, we cannot do this without all of ur support!

We are going to make another sales next month, new ideas are always welcome!

Thx sooooooo much guys, hope u can all have a great weekends.

Tracy Shi
Fundraising Team
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